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General Natal Vedic Astrology Consultations

For New Clients. This is a 90-Minute Session (Online)

$120 USD, Online, 1 hr 30 mins


-Knowledge of accurate birth date and time is essential (sometimes even 30-40 seconds makes a difference when calculating horoscopes).

-If you do not have access to this information, please contact your birth hospital (most hospitals will have a records department who can retrieve this information for a nominal fee). 


This option is for a full 90-minute Vedic Astrological Consultation, online, via zoom. Includes a full review of natal horoscope and identification of problem areas, as well as remedial measures (as applicable).


Downloadable recording made available.


Joey provides in-depth Vedic Astrology consultations for clients requiring understanding of their karmic journey, and for bringing their lives in alignment with their highest purpose. Any remedial measures specific to the client will be provided (in the form of Classical Vedic Mantra practices, Meditation practices, General goodwill measures, etc.).


People generally benefit from Vedic Astrology Consults when they:

• Are feeling like they are in a life transition, out of their comfort zone without a roadmap.

• Facing significant challenges or life obstacles (in matters of health, finance, career, relationships, spirituality, etc.).

• Feeling like they are stuck in a rut.

• Requiring additional validation that any undertaking they are facing is the right course of action.


While I am a classically-trained Astrologer from an established lineage, my approach is less focused on fortune telling, and more about fortune mending.

For Returning Clients. Duration Varies Based on Needs (Online)

Rates and Durations Vary Based on Need, Enquire for More Info

What you can expect from a consultation

1)    Feel seen and validated. A comprehensive analysis of your karmic traits, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and soul purpose.
2)    Feel acknowledged. A comprehensive analysis of your past and where your life is likely headed.
3)    Feel understood.  Understanding of how karmic obstacles influence your life.
4)    Feel empowered. Remedial measures: Vedic Ritual recommendations, Mantras, Meditations, Goodwill donations and lifestyle adjustments to improve the quality of time, and support your destiny. 
5)    Feel emboldened. How you can best apply your strengths in service to yourself, your loved ones, and humanity.
6)    Feel enlivened. Answers to any specific questions pertinent to your horoscope.
7)    No fuss. All the sessions are done through Zoom/Skype, and an audio recording will be made available.

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