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Perspectives on Jyotish - Interview With Guylaine Vallée From the Birla Center [Video]

It was a delight to interview Vedic Palmist and Astrologer Guylaine Vallée from the Birla Vedic Center of Palmistry and Astrology, in Chénéville, Quebec, Canada.

Guylaine shares about her journey becoming a Vedic Palmist, studying under the renowned Ghanshyam Singh Birla, founder of the Birla Center. She chats about her integration between Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and Hasta Jyotish (Palmistry) in helping her clients find their best path throughout life, and even potentially changing your destiny through right action. Guylaine is the author of the book “The Happy Palmist”, which delightfully recounts her life journey from an autobiographical perspective.

You can purchase her autobiography here:

Previous video segments of "Perspectives" can be followed on YouTube here:

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