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Yoga Nīdra is an ancient practice originating from India, wherein progressive relaxation is attained, with the ultimate goal of achieving a relaxed state of pratyahara (interiorization). From there, one can become more aware of the subtle energies of the body and project their sankalpa (intentions) toward the healing of body and mind.


This digital download includes four audio tracks:

01 - Title and Introduction

02 - Preparation For Yoga Nidra

03 - Final Adjustments

04 - The Practice of Yoga Nidra


This guided meditation will bring you to a state of complete conscious relaxation, and can be used on an ongoing basis to support your practice.


This CD was recorded with the permission of Dr. Marc Halpern. The script used in this recording is based on the recording, “Yoga Nidra and Self Healing” by Dr. Marc Halpern, copyright 2011, all rights reserved.

Yoga Nīdra - The Blissful Practice of Conscious Peace and Healing (Download)

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