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What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology, (Jyotisha in Sanskrit) originates from India, and differs from Hellenistic, or other Astrological methods commonly employed in the Western Hemisphere today. 

Why Get A Vedic Astrology Consultation From Joey?

Joey provides in-depth Vedic Astrology consultations for clients requiring understanding of their karmic journey, and for bringing their lives in alignment with their highest purpose.

How to Book a Consultation?

1)    Request a consult (on my Services Page) and submit payment.

2)    Complete an astrological intake form. 

2)    Excluding holidays, under normal circumstances, I will contact you back within 48 business hours of receipt of the intake, via email or phone. We will do a preliminary assessment to validate and rectify your birth information, and we’ll chat for 10-15 minutes, you can ask me any specific questions, and we will confirm a final reading date and time.

I do not offer drop-in consultations, or quick phone call appointments at this time. 

I require a minimum of 48 business hours prior to doing a comprehensive consultation, as I need sufficient time to review your complete horoscope (calculations, applicable divisional charts, making notes and researching correct remedial measures). Depending on my schedule, immediate or same-week consults are generally not possible, as I tend to book out weeks in advance. 

Terms and Conditions (Please Read)


I understand that if I request elements of Vedic Life coaching from Joey Bujold (employee of Ancient Traditions – Ayurveda Services of Canada Corp. ~ henceforth “the organization”) that include Spiritual Coaching through the use of astrological components, the information and astrological interpretations received are not meant for diagnosis and treatment, and are primarily intended as tools for self-analysis, and thereby are for informational and entertainment purposes only. I agree that by purchasing these services, I hereby take full responsibility for any and all consequences for my actions, acted upon in my own free will, utilizing the information provided within the consultation from the organization and its practitioners.  I hereby agree to fully release the organization from any and all liability with regard to any advice obtained through these means.

The organization in no way suggests infallibility where astrological forecasts are concerned and therefore rescinds liability for any personal, business or health decision. For questions of a medical nature, please consult a doctor or licensed medical professional. Financial or speculative queries should be referred to expert financial advisors.

All information that you provide to me will be kept strictly confidential. I will never share your contact information or identity with any third party. At times I use anonymous example horoscopes for the purposes of teaching or lecturing - but I will never use your chart publicly as an example unless I have your express consent in writing to do so.


If you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment, a 48-hour notice period is required. This can be provided by phone or email, and will be refunded in full. Should you not provide 48 hours notice, then unfortunately your appointment is non-refundable.


I stand behind the quality of my work and adherence to ethics. I will honor all refund requests in full, PRIOR to the final reading date, provided they adhere to the cancellation policy above. Any refund requests made AFTER the reading date will not be entertained. Thanks for your understanding.

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