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About Me...

I was born and raised in the the Gaspé peninsula region in Quebec, Canada. During my late teenage years, I became increasingly interested in Eastern traditions and philosophies, having learned about yoga and meditation as a young adult, and spending some time living in an ashram in Southern California during a college summer break.


Having suffered (and later being completely cured) from chronic respiratory conditions from childhood, as well as having assisted close family members through severe illness, I gradually became engaged in learning more about preventative healthcare and natural integrative medicine models.


My formative background was a natural fit when I eventually discovered Ayurveda, which is a mind-body-spirit integrative approach towards preventative healthcare. Balancing family life and a professional career, I studied Ayurveda under several notable teachers both locally and abroad. Later, I discovered Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology), and immersed myself into its study. I'm in currently the process of continuing my ongoing studies in this discipline, in the Śri Achyutānanda Dasa Tradition from Orissa India (under the tutelage of Freedom Tobias Cole, Visti Larsen, Sarbani and Sanjay Rath), as well as with other notable teachers in North America and India.

I am certified as a professional Vedic Astrologer with the Council of Vedic Astrology and have been granted the title of Jyotish Visharada, demonstrating overall competency with natal astrology.

I am committed to introducing these timeless teachings to interested parties. I've also given public seminars at both conventions and wellness venues, and written published articles for magazines, websites, and the like.


My journey has continually taught me growth, through transformation, change and inner vulnerability. I have discovered that true positive inner change facilitates itself while we venture outside of our comfort zones.


The more I embraced this path and began following my dharma, the more contented and peaceful I have become. As such, I'm sharing my story in hopes that you will come to embrace your own path, with successes and difficulties, and ultimately discover the life you were meant to create for yourself.


Performing a Havaan (Vedic Fire Ritual) with friends and family, after meeting one of my teachers, 2016

Joey Speaker.jpg

Lecturing on Ayurveda at AAC Conference, 2018


How Can I Help You Grow?

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