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Natal Astrology Consultation Offerings

(Jātaka Astrology)

Note: While some rectification is required as part of the consultation, relatively accurate birth date and time is essential for a proper consultation. For those who do not have access to birth records or parental memory, I am unable to offer complete birth rectification at this time. If you do not have access to this information, please contact your birth hospital (most hospitals will have a records department who can retrieve this information for a nominal fee). 

Initial Consultation - For New Clients

150$ USD/60 Mins (Online)

Includes an intake, brief rectification, comprehensive review of your horoscope, addressing pertinent key questions as well as remedial measures. Recordings provided upon request.

Celestial Checkpoint Followup - For Returning Clients

105$ USD/45 Mins (Online)

Annual touchpoint. Email directly to book an appointment. Includes Review of current Planetary Daśās, Understanding impacts of current planetary transits, Annual Horoscope Review (Tithi Praveṣa) and Review and adjust ongoing remedies. Recordings provided upon request.

Muhurta - Electional Consult

60$ USD/30 Mins

Finding an astrological auspicious time to launch a new undertaking.

Vedic Insight Evolutionary Program - 6 Months, Special

465$ USD (Online)

Embark on a transformative 6-month program integrating Vedic Astrology, Wellness, and Vedic-Based meditational awareness practices, tailored for your personal evolution. Includes an Initial Consultation, 5 Monthly Follow-Up Consultations to monitor progress, and direct messaging support for continuous guidance and inquiries.


Serious enquiries only. Accepting a limited number of conscientious individuals dedicated to self-growth, overcoming karmic obstacles. Book a discovery call with me to explore if we are a fit to work together over longer periods of time.

Consultation Reviews From Clients

“I love your insight. I think you are a gifted counsellor/astrologer. I say that because I think the counsel and how tactfully you read a chart and relay information is even more important than the information that you see.”



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