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Terms and Disclaimers, Cancellations


Please read carefully before booking an astrology session with me

A consultation with me includes:

  1. Birth info rectification/validation* (See Below). As an astrologer, it has been my experience that many documented or recollected birth times can be off, even by several minutes. I will typically spend up to 10 minutes or so reviewing birth information with you, through questioning and mapping up past life events, thus ensuring birth time accuracy. This is an important step of the process, as I’m unable to assess deeper aspects of your life without it. [10 minutes]

  2. Assessment of your personality, physical and emotional makeup, karmic patterns and their effects, planetary causes and spiritual remedies for the same, either through mantras, donations to charitable organizations or Vedic based approaches (such as recommendations for traditional Pujas).  [35 minutes]

  3. Assessment of the present and most probable future outcomes, and answers to specific questions. These are all divined using traditional-based astrological approaches. [15 minutes]


* While some rectification is required as part of the consultation, relatively accurate birth date and time is essential for a proper consultation. For those who do not have access to birth records or parental memory, I am unable to offer complete birth rectification at this time. If you do not have access to this information, please contact your birth hospital (most hospitals will have a records department who can retrieve this information for a nominal fee). 

If you: 

a)    Have at least a passing interest in Eastern Wisdom, or Vedic Sciences;
b)    Seeking self-growth, mitigation of negative karmic patterns, life obstacles and overcoming self limitations; 
c)    In search of understanding of the ebb and flow of time if your life; 
d)    Are willing to put an effort into changing life circumstances 

Then, we are likely a fit. 


If you are only desirous of hearing past and future predictions, without context or seeking growth, you may wish to find a different Jyotiṣi (astrologer), reputable psychic or other practitioner of divination techniques.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

• Once a consultation session is booked, you are responsible for managing your calendar and ensuring you login promptly at the designated time.​​

• Any consultations missed with less than 48 hours notice are not refundable.

• If something comes up and you are unable to make a confirmed appointment, please let me know as soon as possible.​ I'm reachable to my students by Email/WhatsApp/Telegram/​. ​I need a minimum of 48 hours notice is required unless there are extenuating circumstances.​

​​• In the event that I am unable to keep your scheduled appointment from my end, I will endeavour to re-book you as soon as possible, or provide a full refund if you prefer.

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