General Natal Astrology Services

(Jātaka Astrology)


These services include a full review of your natal horoscope and a review of pressing questions, and relevant remedies in the form of mantras, pujas (when indicated by classical texts and by Tradition), donations, and remedial actions.


All sessions are recorded and emailed to the client afterwards.

In my consults, typically evaluate factors including, but not limited to: all of the natal placements, the panchanga (Vedic Calendar Assessment of your birthday), Naisargika and Chara karakas, Vimshottari dashas (and relevant Udu Dasha Variations), Narayana and Naisargika Dashas, Transits, relevant Varga analysis and Arudhas. These factors typically provide a significant overview into the individual's life and karmas.

  • While some rectification is required as part of the consultation, relatively accurate birth date and time is essential for a proper consultation. For those who do not have access to birth records or parental memory, I am unable to offer complete birth rectification at this time.

  • If you do not have access to this information, please contact your birth hospital (most hospitals will have a records department who can retrieve this information for a nominal fee). 

Initial Consultation

150$ USD/90 Mins (Online)

In-depth review of your natal horoscope, plus any relevant findings and remedies. 

Follow-up (For Returning Clients)

50$ USD/30 Mins

75$ USD/45 Mins

100$ USD/60 Mins      (All Online)

Follow-up for returning clients.

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What Our Clients Say

“I love your insight. I think you are a gifted counsellor/astrologer. I say that because I think the counsel and how tactfully you read a chart and relay information is even more important than the information that you see.”