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What you can expect from a reading

1)    Feel seen and validated. A comprehensive analysis of your karmic traits, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and soul purpose.
2)    Feel acknowledged. A comprehensive analysis of your past and where your life is likely headed.
3)    Feel understood.  Understanding of how karmic obstacles influence your life.
4)    Feel empowered. Remedial measures: Vedic Ritual recommendations, Mantras, Meditations, Goodwill donations and lifestyle adjustments to improve the quality of time, and support your destiny. 
5)    Feel emboldened. How you can best apply your strengths in service to yourself, your loved ones, and humanity.
6)    Feel enlivened. Answers to any specific questions pertinent to your horoscope.
7)    No fuss. All the sessions are done through Zoom/Skype, and an audio recording will be made available.

Muhurta (Electional Astrology)

Finding an auspicious time to launch a new undertaking.

$60 USD, Online, 30 minutes

Service Description:


(Includes one initial 30-minute session + Followup) + recordings.


For people wanting to find the most auspicious time to start a new activity or undertaking, such as launching a new business, travel, marriage, etc.

For more information on this service, please contact me.
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