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Eddie Van Halen (1955-2020) - A Musical Legend - Navamsha Rectification of birth time

Edward Lodewijk Van Halen will likely be remembered as one of the most iconic and influential rock guitarists of all time. He re-invented the approach to playing electrical guitar, and innovated new guitar technologies and non-conventional musical techniques. His band, Van Halen, will be remembered for re-defining rock and roll, re-emerging the genre in a time where disco and punk music prevailed.

Tragically, he recently succumbed to complications from throat cancer on October 6th, 2020. The world has lost another guitar legend. In writing this, as someone who idolized him somewhat growing up, I admittedly feel a personal connection and sense of loss. I wish his family, friends and fans comfort and prayers during these times.

Since his passing last week, I’ve been looking at his astrological chart almost every day, examining the karmas that led to his success as a performer, technical genius and musician. My hope is to share some of these insights with you.

In reading charts, Vedic Astrologers always refer to the placement of all the planets at the time of birth (this is known as the Rashi, or natal chart). That said, there are deeper elements which are reflected through Amsha charts, which are harmonic or divisional charts that are calculated from the natal placements. These will uncover the richer significance of how these areas of life are being experienced, all projected through the lens of the natal Rashi chart. From these different Amshas we can view different aspects of the person’s life, such as wealth, siblings, parents, spouse, and so forth.

In his treatise of Vedic Astrology called the Brhat Parashara Hora Shastra, in examining the Shodashvarga (the 16 primary Amshas to be used in horoscopic analysis) the Sage Parashara attaches specific importance to the Navamsha (the 9th divisional Amsha of spouse, dharma and skillset) as well as the Shashtiamsha (the 60th divisional Amsha, reflecting deeper past life karmas). The deeper we peer into these Amshas, the more precise of a birth time is required. On regular occasions, it has been my experience that even hospital recorded birth times can be incorrect. Astrologers should avail themselves of birth rectification techniques to improve the quality of their readings.

In this writing, we will examine his Navamsha and attempt to either confirm EVH's correct birth time, or rectify it if incorrect. I won’t necessarily go into the calculations of the Navamsha for brevity's sake, but would invite the reader to examine these options below and determine which one seems correct to them based on information available, to highlight the importance of a rectified birth time.

Eddie Van Halen's birth time is recorded on Astro Databank as Wednesday, January 26, 1955, 1:05 AM, in Nimègues, Amsterdam (Netherlands). This birth time is quoted as AA Rodden Rating, which is fairly reliable (AAA being the highest confidence rating). With this birth time being fairly solid, we have 3 possible Navamsha options:

  • Birth time up until 12:50 AM (Unlikely, given the wide range and possible accuracy of an AA Rodden Rating birth time)

  • Birth time of 12:50 AM – 1:09 AM (Very likely given the range, let’s explore this further)

  • Birth time of upwards of 1:09 AM (Also possible, since it is only 4 minutes away from the quoted time, let’s also explore this option)

Option #1: Assumes 1:05 AM Birthtime

Option #2: Assumes 1:09 AM Birthtime

I have reason to believe that the birth time for Eddie Van Halen should likely be rectified closer to past 1:09AM. I hope my justification for this will become clearer, below. This provides an illustration of why birth rectification is important if Astrologers wish to look into a native's dharmic journey, spouse, skills and deep soul desires, beyond the natal placement of planets.

In Option 1, as an indicator of rhythm and harmony (also power and command), the Sun lies exalted in Aries, but posited in the 6th house of the Navamsha assuming a birth time of 1:05 AM (Option #1). By extension, expertise with stringed instruments such as guitars would also loosely qualify as Sun indicators. Of the charts of most guitarists, the Sun typically appears in a positive placement. Being a dushthana house in the Navamsha (showing potential for suffering or challenging karmas), this would imply some difficult relationship with Sun

significations. Furthermore, the indications of the 6th house in the Navamsha can represent difficulty or interference in the marriage, originating from the Father in law (12th from the 7th, or spouse). Whether this or not happened in his first marriage, there is no public record. Rectifying the birth time to 1:09AM would become the more logical of the two options, placing the exalted Sun in a trinal house from the Navamsha ascendant. These would indicate skills acquired from his own study and learning. In this case, his Sun becomes exalted, indicating an extremely strong skillset and natural talent for natural rhythm, harmony, and self confidence. These skills would be uncovered through his own growth, trial and error, but ultimately originate from past lives. In other words, something we'd expect from a famous guitarist.

Furthermore, if we assumed a birth time of 1:05AM, this would place a debilitated Moon-Mars in Navamsha Lagna, Moon as indicator of melody and singing voice becomes debilitated, conjunct own-signed Mars in Scorpio. This is generally reflective of a person who dreams of singing, but lacks the inherent ability to do so. Moon has other significations (working with plants, emotional temperament, or teaching ability). Malefics posited in Navamsha give a harshness to the person’s innate character, and Mars would make culinary or surgical abilities, or penetrative logic and insight. In relying on second hand knowledge from interviews and writings, I fully assume this is not a correct assessment of his character.

Other notable insights:

  • Option 1 contains Venus in the 4th house, which can denote fortunes related to health. A benefic there would perhaps imply that the native possesses some inherent good fortune from recovering from illness (through the assistance of Venus, indicator of beauty, creativity and romance). Option 2 with ruling planet Jupiter in the 8th conjunct malefic Rahu likely implies potential for health problems, potentially a karmic curse. Given his problems related to health, Option 2 seems more likely of the two.

  • Option 2 contains Venus in the 3rd house, versus Ketu in Option 1. Venus is the indicator of the arts, beauty and creativity, and the 3rd house of the Navamsha typically represents skills as related to the hands. Ketu represents focus, precision and calculation (great for software developers and accountants), which makes Option 1 less likely and Option 2 more likely.

  • Planets in 8th house of the Navamsha can typically show a break in the marriage. In this case, both Options 1 and 2 seem potentially valid as the native has experienced divorce.

  • Planets in 9th of the Navamsha can denote skills acquired through teachers. In this case, Option 1 contains an exalted Jupiter and Rahu, indicating an interest in philosophy, scripture, and possible hardware engineering or chemicals. Option 2 is left vacant (sign of Leo, ruled by exalted Sun in Aries), which seems more likely to me, since he did admit a lot of his discoveries in his approach to playing guitar were self-taught.

  • Planets in the 11th of the Navamsha can denote fortune from Money. Option 1 has no planets, Option 2 has Mercury in Libra, showing acquisition of Money through business skills. Given his considerable wealth and resources as an international rock star, the second option also seems more viable.

  • Planets in 12th house of the Navamsha can show loss or denial. Option 1 has Mercury, showing denial of communication, logic and potential for business. Option 2 has Moon and Mars (this can relate to denial or suppression of anger, irritability or frustration). Eddie did struggle with addiction and alcoholism, which makes this option more likely.

Birth rectification can be a tricky process. As such, we must always approach birth times with an impartial lens, and reflect everything back through the eyes of the client to intuit the correct options. If we truly study the divisional charts on a deeper level, clues can be left which help us to uncover the correct birth time.

Based on what is available in the public record, in the light of all the information provided above, I have concluded that his correct birth time is shortly past 1:09 AM. Further rectification can elucidate the deeper Amshas, but for now this is sufficient to view and understand his dharmic path and soul purpose, his spouses and likelihood for remarriage, and innate skills stemming from past incarnations.

Astrologers - What are your thoughts on Eddie Van Halen's birth information? I’d love to hear.

If you are interested in ensuring your birth time is fine-tuned, feel free to reach out to me for a consultation.

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