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Vedic Astrology (Jyotiṣa)

Jyotiṣa, literally means the mastery of light, both the outer light emanating from the Sun (the center and soul of the galaxy and cause of time), as well as the inner light within ourselves.

Observing the movement of the Sun, the moon (our mind, emotions and feelings), and the other archetypal energies of the planets in relationship to their placements at time of birth, we can better understand that light shining within ourselves, and the karmas (actions) that occur to us over the natural procession of time.

A Jyotiṣī, or Vedic Astrologer, is one who is able to ultimately bring the light of awareness to individuals, that they may better understand their life purpose, their past, present, and likely future.


Identifying problem areas and blind spots, it is their divine duty to assist the client through problem areas through providing remedies, such as mantras and mediations, recommending healing rituals, or actions that will help move their lives forward.

Unlike Western Astrology, which is Tropical-based, Jyotiṣa is sidereal, meaning the position of the planets is fixed in relation to the position of the stars. Horoscopic assessments are extremely precise and therefore require a relatively exact birth time (Birth records are preferred, or memory of parents).

General Natal Chart Consultation



Muhurta (Electional Astrology)

Astrology Mentoring

Earth and Space
Astronomical Clock
Taking Notes

(90 Minutes, Online Only)

Includes a full review of natal horoscope and identification of problem areas, as well as remedial measures (as applicable). Recording made available.

(45+ Minutes, Online Only)

Includes a review and recap of previous readings + ongoing transits and upcoming life periods. Recording made available.

(Includes one initial 30-minute session + Followup)

For people wanting to find the most auspicious time to start a new activity or undertaking, such as launching a new business, marriage, etc.

(Duration as needed)

For serious Vedic Astrology students, wanting help to dive deeper into their studies.

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