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Grahas, Ganḍāntas and Shipwrecks: The Muhūrta of the Titanic’s Last Journey

Updated: Jun 4

In Vedic Astrology, the study of Muhūrta, or electional astrology, reveals the auspiciousness of the timing for activities and the likelihood of their success or failure. Muhūrtas are crucial at the launch of endeavors, and neglecting them can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

Historical records show that the Titanic embarked on its ill-fated maiden voyage from Southampton, UK, at approximately 12 noon on April 10th. The voyage began ominously with a near-collision, setting a foreboding tone for the journey. Although the ship managed to navigate away from immediate danger, its destiny was tragically sealed, several days afterwards.

The astrological chart for the Titanic’s maiden voyage left a preliminary imprint on the overall fate of the journey and shows many issues related to the Pañcāṅga, or Indian Calendar. However, the final Muhūrta of the ship's last departure for New York shows potential for heavy disaster, which ended tragically in the icy waters of the Atlantic.

Analyzing the Muhūrta for this preliminary chart of Titanic's first departure, we note the following deficiencies in the Pañcāṅga:

  1. The maiden voyage took place in Uttarāṣāḍha, a fixed, or Dhruva Nakṣatra, which is undesirable for journeys, giving the wrong mood for the activity in question. The Moon was in Navamī Tithi, Kṛṣṇa-pakṣa, neither auspicious nor inauspicious for travel purposes.

  2. Several inauspicious Pañcāṅga yogas were being formed at the time and may present some indicators of failure of the maiden voyage. I list them below, and include specific references for academic research:

    1. Weekday: Mercury as a Vāra day lord for travel is auspicious in general situations, however, note Mercury’s afflictions, further below.

    2. Krakaca Yoga: (ref. to Muhūrta Cintāmaṇi, Śubhāśubha Prakaraṇam, v6) Whenever Navamī Tithi occurs on a Wednesday, this inauspicious Yoga is caused, causing overall ill effects.

    3. Shūnya Lagna: The Ascendant is considered void Shūnya (ref. to Muhūrta Cintāmaṇi, Śubhāśubha Prakaraṇam, v17) – Both Cancer and Leo Lagnas are considered very inauspicious for Navamī Tithi. In this case, Cancer was rising, so this applies here.

    4. Vajra Yoga: (ref. to Muhūrta Cintāmaṇi, Śubhāśubha Prakaraṇam, v23-24, Ānandādi Yogas) Uttarāṣāḍha on a Wednesday causes this yoga which accentuates negative results.

    5. No Reversals: Verse 41 of Muhūrta Cintāmaṇi states that when the Moon is unafflicted, many of these yogas will be circumventable. However, please note the Moon’s heavily afflicted state, see below – this exemption therefore does not apply.

    6. Month/Tithi Combination: The Month of Chaitra is inauspicious on Navamī Tithi – this is a Shūnya combo.

Furthermore, several issues are similarly brought forward in the Muhūrta chart:

  1. At the time of departure, cancer rising (Shūnya as stated above), with its lord Moon placed in the 7th house. Moon is heavily afflicted by a Yama yoga (so named after the Hindu God of Death and Justice) with whole house aspects of both Mars and Saturn, indicating death, and heavy transformations. In an ideal setting, the Moon should be unconjoined planets both in the Raśī and Navāṁśa charts, as this disturbs the emotional peace of the Muhūrta. In this case, the Moon is getting eclipsed in the Navāṁśa by Rāhu and Sun, showing potential for emotional trauma.

  2. The Kāraka for travel Mercury is both retrograde and combust in Aries. Furthermore, there is a Parivartana mutual exchange, as Mars is posited in the 12th house of Gemini and giving the effects of Mars in Aries, where both Saturn and Mercury are placed. This accentuates the forementioned effect of Yama Yoga, onto Mercury, the Kāraka of travel itself, thereby afflicting it. Note also Rāhu’s 2nd house aspect onto Mercury, as well.

  3. The houses governing travel are: 3H (short journeys), 7H (pleasurable sojourns), 9H (for pilgrimages and longer journeys), and 12H (for foreign journeys). Having the 12th lord of foreign journeys both heavily afflicted, combust and retrograde is all but certain to cause problems. Furthermore, the Kāraka Bhāva for long journeys in the 12th house, which should ideally remain empty. In this case, Mars is posited there and in a mutual exchange with Mercury, showing certain issues with the long journey ahead.

  4. In an ideal situation, the 8th house of the Raśī and 12th house of the Navāṁśa should also remain unoccupied in Muhūrta selection, as these can show the potential for sudden endings. The actual timing of departure of the Titanic remains somewhat in question due to accuracy of historical records. Most seem to indicate a noon departure; however, a difference of 5 minutes would place Saturn in the 12th house of the D9, showing the potential for interruptions and abrupt endings. Furthermore, Saturn and Mars are also involved in a Mutual exchange, Jupiter is retrograde and debilitated, conjoined Mars, and therefore powerless to aid. This increases the forementioned effects of the deadly Yama yoga.

The Titanic’s final departure for New York City took place in Cobh, Ireland on April 11th, at 1:30 PM.

While the initial departure set the astrological stage, in examining this particular chart, I’ve noted the following extreme horoscopic combinations, which seemed to have sealed Titanic’s fate:

  1. Weekday Observations: Vāra is Thursday, which is generally considered to be auspicious for travel. However, Horā lord is Mars, showing potential for accidents or Mars-Related activities to occur.

  2. Moon Issues: The Moon has ingressed into Śravaṇa Nakṣatra, Daśamī Tithi, Kṛṣṇa-pakṣa. Śravaṇa Nakṣatra is moveable, and hence, appropriate for journeys such as this. But Moon remains heavily afflicted as in the previous day, in the 6th house of suffering, showing potential for resolving problems related to emotional distress.

  3. Heavy Ganḍānta concerns: Ganḍānta points are the intersection of watery and fiery signs. These are very sensitive points of the zodiac, where major danger related to transitions to occur. The rising sign of Leo was a bit over 2 degrees rising (in Ganḍānta position) at the time of departure. The Sun as Lagna Lord of Ascendant Leo is also within Ganḍānta degrees of Pisces. Considering both the Ascendant and Ascendant Lord were both at separate Ganḍānta points shows imminent danger related to any activities initiated in this period.

  4. Even more, 8H Ganḍānta problems: Furthermore, in addition to #3, Sun is conjoined by Venus and node north node Rāhu, very close to the Sun, and also in Ganḍānta degree. In the 8th house of sudden ends, and death, in the sign of Pisces (a water sign, denoting oceans). This Muhūrta is showing a very strong possibility for sudden endings in an ocean to occur, with potential for major karmic upheavals.

  5. Yama Yoga in 12H of Navāṁśa: There is a very strong likelihood that departure occurred between 13:16pm and 13:35pm, as both Ganḍānta grahas of Sun and Rāhu were in the 12th house of the Navāṁśa (which shows sudden and tragic loss and death).


The Titanic’s ill-fated voyage is a profound reminder of the critical importance of choosing auspicious times for beginning new ventures. Astrology offers more than foresight; it provides a strategic advantage by aligning our actions with the flow and passage of time.

For modern entrepreneurs and project leaders, understanding the principles of Muhūrta and integrating Vedic Astrological insights can be pivotal. Whether you're launching a business, signing crucial contracts, or embarking on new journeys, the planetary alignments can significantly influence the outcome.

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