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June 21st 2020 Solar Eclipse Musings

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The solar eclipse this year begins late at 11:45pm EDT on Saturday, June 20th, will be at its fullest at 2:40am EDT on the 21st, and end at 5:34am EDT. As the sun will be below the horizon, it won’t be visible to Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Astronomically, an eclipse occurs either on full or new moons, and only happen when the lunar shadows (known as Rahu – the dragons head, and Ketu – the Dragon’s Tail, respectively) intersect with the luminaries. The result is that the resulting shadow between the heavenly bodies becomes visible to the portion of earth which it faces. The astrological significance here is that the respective powers of the sun or moon becomes “swallowed up”, moving us either towards a shadowy energy of compulsion or revulsion.

In the Sidereal zodiac, the eclipse occurs on the new moon at 6 degrees, 13 minutes of Gemini, in the Nakshatra (Vedic Lunar Asterism) of Mrgashira, ruled by the Cosmic deity of Soma, which reflects a gentle search for the nectar of immortality. Mercury, the planet of communication, speech and detail is also present in this eclipse by loose conjunction, in retrograde motion. This eclipse kicks off and sets the tone of things to come over the next lunar month, signifying a deep desire for truth and organizing and planning our thoughts and actions, directed outwardly towards the world, even if it is sometimes at the expense of the bigger picture.

Eclipses are common and regular phenomena, not to be superstitiously feared. While they can reflect social change or elevate potential for reform or global events, they can also either be used towards reflective action on how we can make the world a better place, or transform ourselves and deepen our spiritual intentions.

Through the blessing of the teachers I have enjoyed good fortune with, I see this particular eclipse as an auspicious time for inner work with the intention of projecting our consciousness outward, towards making the world a better place. The world has seen its share of troubles and misfortunes in 2020, but that should never shatter our indomitable spirit.

My solid recommendation for any aspirant of any faith who wishes to “surf” the energy of this eclipse and maximize its energetic potential is to:

  • Take it easy for the next few days leading up to the eclipse. Don’t allow yourself to get embroiled into conflict with others, and don’t let the current state of the world get to you. Avoid starting any major projects. We have a lot of planets in retrograde right now – sometimes things tend to come out at the beginning of the eclipse. Any backpeddling or mending fences during an eclipse poses additional complications. I hear the echoing words of one of teachers, Dr. Partha Rao…”Just leave it. Why bother?”

  • Set aside the Saturday (particularly the evening hours) as a period of introspection and journaling. Ask yourself: “What can I do to make the world a better place? How can I change myself so I can change the world?”

  • Before bed, bring all your intentions and reflections into a state of deep meditation, especially after the eclipse has started. Whatever you do to connect yourself to the Universe. Yoga, Mantra japa, meditation, pranayama, prayer…whatever. But please make sure it is a ritual that you are already accustomed to. Don’t introduce new spiritual practices in this period. Remember, if you do this properly, your intentions will be carried forward with the planets and Rahu (the north node) and amplified 100x. Eclipses can change lives in this manner.

  • The eclipse will peak in the early morning hours. Showering or bathing upon completion of the eclipse is recommended. In the Vedic culture, running water has a cleansing vibration that can wash away the shadowy energy of the eclipse.

  • Avoid any muhurtas (birth of auspicious undertakings, marriage, starting a business, sale of a home etc.) until June 24th. Astrologers, I’d also avoid selecting Mrgashira (in particular the 4th pada) as an auspicious nakshatra for muhurtas until December 20th.

A few extra details:

  1. In the lineage I am connected with, the path of the eclipse is of important significance. Upheaval on some level, and potential for social reform is always a strong possibility wherever the eclipse is visible. This eclipse runs a line through China, Northern India and Pakistan, through southern Iran and Ethiopia. In the years to come, I’d definitely expect some more news coming from that region of the world as the subtle energies of the eclipse play themselves out. There has been some mild conflict coming out on the Indian border between India and China.

  2. The sage Varahamihira in the Astrological Text Brhat Samhita has written considerably on eclipses and the portents they carry. In doing my own research, there are a few passages I’d like to share:

    1. “Rahu Chapter, Sloka 26: "If there should be both the lunar and solar eclipses in one month, princes will suffer from dissensions among their own army and from wars." In this case, the penumbral eclipse on June 5th and this one fall within the lunar month of Jyestha. So this applies.

    2. Sloka 45 adds that if Mercury is eclipsed, honey and oil will become scare, and princes will suffer. Note the conjunction between Rahu, the New Moon and Mercury is still a loose one, but I’d expect this will still come into play.

    3. “Sloka 76: If the eclipses fall in the lunar month of Jyestha, the Brahmins, the Queens of the reigning sovereign, crops, rain, LARGE GATHERINGS OF MEN, beautiful persons, the Salvas and the Nisadas will suffer." Both the June 5th penumbral eclipse and this upcoming eclipse fall within this lunar month, so this sage's axiom applies in this case.

In conclusion, I fully anticipate that instability on the other side of the globe is possible over the months and years to come as a result of the subtle energies projected by this eclipse. With current social injustices in the world, current world leaders are bound to suffer some losses, and resource scarcity has the potential to increase. With the retrograding backward energies of Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter at present, things are bound to feel like we are taking a backwards step in humanity’s struggle with COVID-19, and social distancing. Large gatherings will be negatively affected.

Keep faith, and a prayerful intention towards yourself, your loved ones, and all of humanity as we make it to the other side of this challenge.

Om Namo Narayanaya

(Salutations to Vishnu as Narayanaya)

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