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Meta rebranding - Good or bad for Mark Zuckerberg? An astrological analysis.

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

For those interested, while reflecting on yesterday's news announcement, I pondered on the astrological significations of this for Zuckerberg. Using the Kaṭapayādi numerological system of converting sounds into numbers and reflecting the same into the horoscope, we can derive additional insight into how planetary energies can become activated by sound.

As this is a general post intended for the public, I won't be going into the calculation methods here - this is simply an observational musing. If anyone wishes to learn more, there is a great article on Wikipedia that explains the basics, however I would recommend learning this from a skilled teacher:

Please note, for rectification purposes I have placed Zuckerberg's Ketu in Scorpio in D9 Lagna - indicating he possessed computing skills, apparent from a very young age, this places his birth time a few minutes earlier than what is published in astrological databases.

Using Sanskrit consonants म + त (Ma+Ta, although म +ट can also be used...please see footnote below) for the new parent company Meta, and calculating it into a numerical value, it is clear that his 10th house of Leo becomes active once people start using this name (as opposed to Facebook, which according to me activated his 5th house of Sagittarius, along with Jupiter therein, or Facebook Incorporated which may activate Exalted Ketu in 4H). This new name of Meta now activates his 10th house, in which is posited 1st Lord Sun, indicator of life, ego, power and authority, as well as Rāhu, which co-lords the 7th house of Aquarius (as stated in BPHS, Daśādhyāya, Chapter 46, verse 157, the nodes co-lord the houses of Aquarius and Scorpio). 1st lord and 7th lord conjoined in 10th house forms a Raja Yoga which now becomes more active as this name is adopted by the masses. This yoga shows a very strong synergy between the use of his intellect as well as his ability to connect other people, in the realm of his career. This Meta name is also activating 7th from his Arudha Lagna, showing doors being opened in how his image is being reflected within the public eye.

Now - if we used the full company name, which is "Meta Platforms incorporated"? It activates Zuckerberg's 1st house of Leo (I won't spell out the Sanskrit consonants here for brevity). As the Sun rules his ascendant, the assessment behind the raja yoga being activated is quite similar to the name "Meta" which activates his 10th house. That said, it is activated 4th from Arudha Lagna instead (keeping in mind that Jaimini teaches us to reverse reckoning from AL when Ketu in therein), still a favorable position in a kendra house, nonetheless.

There are several issues with the horoscope that could impede this progress. The 1st house lord Sun in this case is considered as Sankranti, as the sun has ingressed into Taurus right at the time of his birth. Grahani Janma dosha (being born a few hours prior to a prenumbral eclipse) could also throw some chaos into the mix. The Sun itself is in a position of directional strength (great for career) but afflicted by the nodal axis as well as Mars in the 3rd house.

However considering that Rahu is strongly placed as 7th lord in 10th, I believe "Meta" parent company name is auspicious in the context of this horoscope.

Additional Footnote: A careful reader pointed out that Meta could be म +ट (replacing ट instead of त). This is a fair point, although from the lens of a native English speaker the "ta" sound seems to make more sense than "ṭa". Giving the benefit of the doubt, I calculated both variants and found that in the latter option, the 11th house of Gemini is activated, triggering the Dhana Yoga in 9H, for both Meta and Meta Platforms Incorporated. In my view, either way of converting from Sanskrit is beneficial for his horoscope.

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