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Start Practicing Yoga Nidra Today!


"Yoga Nidrā is a very useful way to enjoy a voluntary sleep unlike ordinary sleep. The yogis use this technique for sleep and meditation both, thus it is called Yoga Nidrā. Yoga Nidrā is an advanced practice that can help the student to come out of sloth and inertia, which are the greatest enemies of the student and which obstruct his progress every now and then. The quality of rest one receives through this method is entirely different from that which is derived through ordinary sleep. Yoga Nidrā is a revitalizing exercise that gives total rest to the mind, brain, nervous system, senses and body."

-Swami Rama, on his commentary of the Māndūkya Upaniṣad "Enlightenment Without God"

Immerse yourself today into the ancient art of Yoga Nidrā, the yogic state of conscious rest.

Yoga Nidrā - The Blissful Practice of Conscious Peace and Healing is everything you need to get started immediately with your self-practice, all in the comfort of your own home.

This recording includes 4 tracks featuring a powerful guided meditation practice, which you can use repeatedly to guide you to deeper states of awareness. The recording is over 45 minutes in length.

This practice is suitable for newcomers and expert meditators alike. No prior experience is needed, although the practice will definitely improve the results for seasoned practitioners.

Click here to download audio immediately or purchase the physical CD at the store.

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