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Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction 2020 – Everything You Need To Know

Jupiter and Saturn have completed their retrograde cycles for 2020 and are now progressing through the sidereal sign of Capricorn. Due to Jupiter’s relative speed, it is closing in on Saturn’s slower movement, which will result in a conjunction lasting for the next few weeks. This will be visible from the night sky, resulting in what some are calling a “Christmas Star”.

Image courtesy of Stellarium
A Snapshot of the Evening Sky from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on December 17th, 2020, and sidereal horoscopes.

On Social Media outlets, much has been said about this transit both in astronomical and astrological circles. The fact that it is occurring right around the winter solstice, as well as the Christian holiday of Christmas, as well as Solar eclipse on December 14th (in sidereal Scorpio, two houses away) carries additional poetic weight, even if these celestial and calendrical events are not all directly related.

Through observation, we note that Jupiter and Saturn form conjunctions every 20 years. Furthermore, every 60 years, we can see that these conjunctions rejoin the zodiacal signs which they were located 60 years ago. My current astrology Guru, Freedom Cole, brilliantly explains these trinal interactions beautifully in the following blog article, which I’d encourage you to read if interested:

We can also note that the last conjunction in sidereal Capricorn occurred in 1961, and the next one after this one will occur at the beginning of 2080.

Jupiter will remain in Capricorn earlier next year (remaining conjunct using whole house systems) until April 5th, when it ingresses into Aquarius. It will progress in Aquarius until June 20th, then begin its retrograde movement. It will revert back into Capricorn on September 14th, then resume its direct motion on October 18th, and finally ingress into Aquarius a final time on November 20th. Saturn’s transit is much longer, having begun early in 2020 and lasting for two and a half years.

OK, so what does this all mean from an Astrological perspective?

In Vedic systems, Natal or Horoscopic Astrology (which encompasses astrology of the individual) differs significantly from Mundane Astrology (which encompasses global events). There are intersections, but nuanced observances differ. Many modern astrologers have attempted to integrate both systems together in an effort to provide generalized horoscopes, but many of these fail to be completely accurate since one size never fits all. If you are curious about how these will hit your horoscope, I’d encourage you to get a reading from a competent Vedic Astrologer who specializes in natal astrology.

That said, here are the key things to keep in mind:

When considering transits in Astrology, Astrologers pay closer attention to the outer planets and the houses they transit (from the Native’s Ascendant and Moon sign in particular), since their movement is much slower and can carry more weight in the horoscope. Principally for people who are currently in those planetary periods, or have significant shifts in Ashtakavarga scoring for those planets (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is). We also like to pay attention to the relation of these planets to the Arudhas of the native’s horoscope, as these can assist or impede the image of the individual during those transits.

Jupiter is an expansive force, naturally benefic in its energy, which is the archetypal indicator of hope, expansion, higher purpose, knowledge and happiness. It becomes debilitated in Capricorn, meaning that it remains unable to bear significant fruit while in this position. When it is further compromised by malefic influences (such as conjunctions, aspects, combustion, or hemming), it can definitely further impact or impede its significations. Saturn is comfortable and strong in its own house of Capricorn, and being naturally malefic, its conjunction will seek to overpower Jupiter’s expansive and optimistic energy. It is the indicator of grief, suffering, hard work, slow and steady effort, and is restrictive in nature, and has a tendency to break things apart. In the tradition which I study, the conjunction or interaction of these planets is called “Brahma Yoga”. This conjunction represents a strong desire to understand creation, why we exist, or look into the deeper meanings of life and source of existence.

When we consider these portents simultaneously and reflect them onto current world events, we can definitely conclude that economically, Saturn creates scarcity of resources and places an emphasis and importance on front-line labourers and workers. Jupiter’s compromised ability to expand and grow is impeded and hence, our optimism, and growth is affected. There may be times of weakness or questioning our higher purpose and asking ourselves if everything is worth it. Or intense feelings of wanting to understand the meaning of our lives on a deeper level, which may be more difficult as Jupiter’s progress is impeded in the coming months. Keep in mind, the last time the world faced this conjunction, the Hipster generation was formed, which in the coming years thereafter folded into the Hippie revolution, bringing their values of peace and love into the world.

Capricorn is a sign of internal pragmatism, creating a field where continuous and consistent self effort is required. No practical life goal is truly impossible, but without hard work and self effort, lasting results are unlikely. In other words, if you want lasting change, please be prepared to show up in your own life and put in the hours and labour to make it happen. And become the example of what you want to project into this world, which is currently feeling bereft of light and inspiration, in present day. All this shall pass in due time. Be patient, to yourself, your family and others, as we seek to grow and recover from this world pandemic.

Focus on yourself, your work, your family and personal practices.

Things that matter the most to you.

Astrologically, I anticipate that this effect will definitely be experienced in the coming weeks since both planets will come within 1 degree of longitude of one another, thus creating a planetary war between these significations. This planetary war will effectively begin on December 12th, with Jupiter losing out at the lower degree, culminating with the exact conjunction on December 21st, but eventually becoming victorious over Saturn as it ascends to the higher degree. When this happens, the malefic which loses can become angry and damage its house rulerships; so be prepared to anticipate some turmoil, at least until the planetary war ends, by December 30th. The severity of the planetary war will decrease its effects with the start of 2021. We’ll experience a bit more optimism and expansion after April, even if those results are impeded in September-November 2021. The world will get back on track, very gradually…with even more additional transformations to come in the future. We’ll continue to keep our eye on the sky and report on celestial events when those happen.

In the meantime, stay the course, be patient. This pandemic will eventually end, and the world will emerge on the other side of this transformation. Hopefully a bit wiser and brighter.

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